104 Architect for Housing, Tall Tower, Township Delhi Noida NCR

About Us

Instituted and nurtured as an architecture firm by Ar. Vishal Mittal (B.Arch.), graduated from Government College, Lucknow (1997), Space Designers International has lucratively acquired a place in this ambidextrous world of architecture and design. The echelon of creations comprises of housing, commercial complex. During the years passed by, it has successfully explored and deciphered conceptions about configuration and designation of space.

Every organisation stands upright bustling with strength on the piers of the efforts of its worthy personnel, so do us. The Space boasts an extensive team of innovators sculpting the centurions of dreams on concrete. The gist comprises an abundance of au fait designers and construction personnel devoting their skills and continual efforts in delivering the best of spaces to accommodate and ameliorate the wants of clients of all cliques.


In the times when cities are flourishing and horizon is a mosaic in concrete, SPACE DESIGNERS aspire to be the pioneers in mollycoddling the needs of quality construction synchronising with the recklessly enlarging quantities. With dexterity of space configuration and designation and a welcoming approach towards new innovations and techniques, an extensive league of designers is appetent for clients’ satisfaction.